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Theater Talkback: When a Bare Stage Fills The Theater

Cymbeline Review at Arts Beat, New York Times

Theatergoers, especially the kind who regard Broadway as Mecca, expect their seats to come with a breathtaking view. I mean of scenic scenery that …

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Six Actors No Longer in Search of a Play

Feature at The New York Times

LIKE a clumsy kid in the schoolyard Shakespeare’s late play “Cymbeline” has suffered plenty of bullying. George Bernard Shaw called it “exasperating beyond all tolerance.” Henry …

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Downtown Theater to Take a Chance on Celebrated ‘Cymbeline’

Review at Arts Beat, New York Times

Commercial theater producers seeking to make money off Shakespeare usually stick to tried-and-true audience draws like “Hamlet” or “Macbeth,” but even those can be …

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Simply Shakespeare, No Tangled Web

New York Times Review of Cymbeline

Have Julie Taymor and the rest of the team for “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” taken a look at what’s happening right next door to their beleaguered extravaganza? …

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Fiasco Theater’s ‘Cymbeline,’ Round 2

The New York Times, Arts Beat Review

Andy in Cymbeline

At any given moment dozens of fledgling theater groups are trying to get noticed in New York City. Most fail. But a company called …

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Shakespeare, Appalachia and a Trunk

Cymbeline Review at The New York Times

“Cymbeline” may be nobody’s favorite Shakespeare play, but Fiasco Theater is making it awfully lovable in a spunky production at Access Theater.

The cast members are all …

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