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Fiasco’s Cymbeline is anything but

Review at Examiner

From a troupe that calls itself Fiasco Theater, you anticipate…

Dunno. Craziness, lunacy, generally bad stuff. The program guide accompanying FT’s production of “Cymbeline” at …

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Fiasco Theatre marvelously transforms Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline”

Review at Third Coast Digest

The princess Imogen (Jessie Austrian, R), seen here planning with her friend and ally Pisanio (Paul L. Coffey) is the heart of Fiasco Theater’s …

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Review at Stage Voices

Fiasco Theater’s Cymbeline, now playing at the Barrow Street Theatre, needs to be seen because it’s one production of a Shakespeare play you won’t think could …

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Review at Entertainment Weekly

Fiasco Theater’s rollicking trunk show Cymbeline — returning to Off Broadway for a second time this year after a sold-out two-week run in January — comes …

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Cymbeline Satisfies at Barrow Street

Review at Huffington Post

This clever, crowd-pleasing production of one of Shakespeare’s shakiest plays ran for two sold-out weeks in January. It was gone before most people — …

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Theater Talkback: When a Bare Stage Fills The Theater

Cymbeline Review at Arts Beat, New York Times

Theatergoers, especially the kind who regard Broadway as Mecca, expect their seats to come with a breathtaking view. I mean of scenic scenery that …

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