Student Testimonials

“…[I have been] reflecting on my time in New York so far.  And what I’ve realized (and one of the reasons I wanted to write to you) is that by far the most exciting thing I have done since getting to New York last June is the FTI.  And so, while I’m not telling you these things just to flatter you, I want to thank you all for giving me this opportunity that validated, to me, what good, exciting, work is.  As I’ve said to several people, the workshop with you guys truly felt like the first time I had come up for air (literally and figuratively I think), since getting to New York.  I have sort of had a sense of being in deep dark water in New York: of not being able to see where I am or what I want–like I have no perspective on why I am in that place.  And the workshop reminded me why I love to act, and why the dark days of New York can be worth it if I am able to do that kind of work.” – actress Caroline Hewitt


“There are many acting schools and training programs out there. But in 30 years as a professional actor, no one has ever taught me how to rehearse before. What Noah, Jessie and Ben are offering is unique, brave, smart, fun, generous (not only because it is FREE, but because they give of themselves, heart and soul) and transformational. I cannot endorse their program highly enough. It deserves funding, press and kudos!! It’s a technique and a process that makes the work play and makes the PLAY WORK!”  – actress and director Claire Beckman