Free Training Initiative

Fiasco Theater Free Training Initiative

Option A: Fiasco Three Week FTI – October 4-21, 2017 – Wed/Thu/Sat

Option B: Masterclass: Shakespeare’s Verse and Prose – October 3-5, 2017

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All completed applications must be received by 11:59pm ET on September 10, 2017. Applications received after 11:59pm will not be considered.

Fiasco has a passion for teaching and we believe that every artist should have a place to practice and take risks in order to continue to grow. And we believe this training should be affordable, so we seek to subsidize the cost of our classes and workshops whenever possible.

More about this session’s courses:


The Fiasco 3-Week FTI, October 4th-21st

12 students for 3 weeks

Wednesdays 12-4pm, Thursdays 6pm-9pm and Saturdays 12-4pm

Classes will be held in Brooklyn (Ft Greene), taught by Jessie Austrian

This class is a primer on Fiasco’s approach to how to rehearse most effectively. Students will work on monologues, two-person scenes and group ensemble rehearsal, covering text and voice work, approaches to rehearsing verse and prose, how to rehearse at the table and how to rehearse as an ensemble.


Masterclass: Shakespeare’s Verse and Prose, October 3rd-5th

Oct 3: 11a-3p, Oct 4: 11a-2p, Oct 5: 11a-2p

Classes will be held in Manhattan, taught by Ben Steinfeld

This 10-hour masterclass will lead a group of ten students through a detailed exploration of Fiasco’s approach to unlocking both verse and prose in Shakespeare.

Fiasco’s Free Training Initiative (FTI) is a classical acting intensive offered completely free of charge to actors in NYC. We offer the Free Training Initiative because although training is necessary for actors’ growth, the high fees of many classes put them out of reach. We feel that theater artists, who have already chosen a career path with little monetary reward, should not have to pay large sums of money to continue to study with their peers and hone their craft. Fiasco strives to provide a safe, creative, rejuvenating experience for actors seeking a sense of community and the chance for artistic growth in NYC.

Each time the FTI is offered we reexamine its structure and scheduling, and we work continually to expand its curriculum.  It is our intension to create a common and consistent source of training rather than exclusive one, however, at present the 10-12 participants of an FTI class are often selected from well over 100 applicants.  We strive to select a diverse group of qualified candidates based upon their thoughtful applications and past experience. At times we have offered a series of free master classes to highly qualified FTI applicants for whom there was not room in the class.

Announcements and application guidelines for upcoming FTI offerings will be made via our newsletter and Facebook.