Why are you called “Fiasco”?

Legend has it the word “fiasco” was first used to describe commedia dell’arte performances that went horribly (and hilariously) wrong. In those instances the performer would have to fare fiasco or “make a bottle.” In other words “You’re buying!”  While we hope to avoid on-stage disasters, we do believe that it is only when artists are brave enough to risk a fiasco that the possibility exists of creating something special.  We chose the name Fiasco to remind ourselves to brave the huge leaps in the hopes of reaping huge rewards.

How can I take a Fiasco class or workshop?

The best way to stay informed about our classes is to join our email list! We always email our list when classes are happening and when applications become available for the Free Training Intiative.

Can I audition for your shows?

We are not currently auditioning for any productions, but we, or the theaters who produce us, will hold EPA auditions for upcoming productions according to Equity guidelines. You are welcome to  join our email list to stay informed about future opportunities.

Can I audition to be a member your company?

Fiasco is a small ensemble of actors who have worked for a long period of time together, and we do not hold auditions for new company members. You are welcome to join our email list to stay informed about future opportunities.

Where are you located?

We don’t own theater space: we rent space and are sometimes presented by larger organizations. At this point we run the business out of our apartments and don’t have Fiasco office space. You can contact us via mail at PO Box 291, New York, NY 10276 or via this page.

Where does my donation go?

Our mission is to create dynamic theater that is accessible to the public and to remunerate the artists who create that work. In 2012 72.27% of our operating budget went to performers, designers, teaching artists and artistic administrators. The remaining 27.73%  covered our operating costs such as rehearsal space rental, utilities, insurance and travel. So about three quarters of your donation goes directly towards the creators of theater and one quarter towards keeping the lights on. Donate to Fiasco now!

Is it true that “the rent is too damn high”?