Announcing: Fiasco masterclass taught by Zachary Fine November 10th-12th. We are delighted to be hosting Zack’s workshop, he is an incredible teacher. We believe in creating affordable training opportunities, so we’ve kept the cost to students as low as possible ($150 for a 3 day workshop- less than $15/hour for students). Please share!
Clown Workshop with Zack Fine
Nov 10th: 7-10pm
Nov 11th: 4-8pm
Nov 12th 4-8pm
Theatre Row Studios, 411 W 41st St, Studio 1
Class description:
The clown embodies the rambunctious hope and baffling chaos of our humanity. Full of curiosity and trepidation, the clown dares to stand directly in the present moment, the place where the stage and the world meet, and in that place allows us to see, to look, to feel. The clown stands there for our delight and for something even greater – the pleasure of our togetherness, the tender magic of our collective imagination.
In this three day workshop you will be guided through exercises to help you uncover what makes you uniquely funny, ridiculous, courageous and sublime. Exercises will be geared towards expanding your spontaneity and playfulness and widening the scope of your imagination and creativity. The muscles of generosity and play that make a great clown are transferable to all performance.
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